lately my most important tool has been my own existence.

for instance my slave-project was about being a slave for someone for one week. after that i was released - contrary to those who have to be slaves for the rest of their lives. my owner was chosen by lot in the end of the exhibition rietveld in de kerk. (oude kerk, amsterdam, 12-28.1.07)

i submitted, promised to please, promised to try my best to make my owner happy. i did everything that my controller wanted me to do. i gave my free will and personal happiness away and became a puppet, a robot, a domestic animal, an obedient piece of meat. i became a slave. i was at the mercy of someone. i promoted myself with my wedding dress in church and gave the lottery tickets to the people.

as a bride with the wedding dress the issue of consent was very much present. my sacrifice provided a contrast to the forced marriages and to everything that is wrong with human behaviour. people and animals are forced to do against their own will. living in this world means that we all are part of the hierarchy of subjugation and submission. we are slaves when decisions are made separate from ourselves, outside of ourselves, and we have to obey orders. under someone else's will, an individual is turned to a part of someone else's existence. then our bodies don't contain us. living without free will is like being soulless.

even though slavery is officially abolished, human rights organizations tell us that the slavery still exists. also arranged and forced marriages are still reality. millions of wives in this world are owned by men - they don't have sufficiently legal rights, they can exist only by their fathers or husbands. a rape in marriage is not even a crime in many cultures. people disgrace and prohibit prostitution by laws but close their eyes to women who are the real victims. some call it cultural relativism.

world is a game of chance. some are not so lucky. i was lucky with the lottery. a woman, who won me, didn't have any kind of desire to test me how far I'd be willing to go. so my slavery-period was more like being a house maid or an assistant. nothing strange or bad.

but it could have been.